Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 21: Terradillos de los Templarios - Calzadilla de Los Fermanillos

The joy of having a small room - Nicole, and guys from Belgium and Ireland - is that you don't have people waking you up at five in the morning. Having avoided supper last night  breakfast couldn't come too quickly, and after six kilometres we stopped for an omelette sandwich, coffee, orange juice, etc. I've probably mentioned this ritual already, but it is the highlight of the morning, as by the time you've finished breakfast you've already done a quarter of the day's walking. Just after breakfast we passed the official halfway point between St. Jean Pied-de-Port and Santiago - although I've done an extra 160km on top of that. 

The route today followed a departmental road until Sahagún (which we dubbed Sha'ggun), after which we departed from the main Camino Frances and followed a Roman road to Calzadilla de Los Fermanillos - much better than walking next to the road for the next 30km. We arrived at Calzadilla de Los Fermanillos just before two in the afternoon, and have spent the last five hours finishing off seven bottles of the local wine between Kim, Kurt and me. Which I suppose means I'm somewhat drunk. We're watching Spanish daytime TV (which is terrible - mainly from Venezuela, according to our waitress) and generally being very lazy. But this is what the Camino is about - friends, €4 bottles of wine, yelling at the terrible Spanish television and the overbearing woman in charge of the municipal albergue!

[Spanish daytime television]