Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 20: Carrion - Terradillos de los Templarios

One of the things about the Camino is that everyone seems to love wishing each other 'Buen Camino' - usually as they're speeding past me on a mountain bike. I really haven't got to grips with Spanish in the past fortnight of walking in Spain, and for some reason the whole 'Buen Camino' thing from other pilgrims really gets on my tits. Call me a grumpy old man, but I haven't said it to anyone yet, and I don't plan to change that - unlike the Spanish guy in St. Jean Pied-de-Port who managed to say it in a manner that was rather menacing. Anyway Nicole and I were walking along this morning, deep in conversation about cricket, and an adorable-looking old Spanish woman passed us with a large shopping bag, and a cheery 'Buen Camino'. I was so wrapped up in the world of cricketing greats I gave the woman a cheery 'hey - thanks!' and then got a fair amount of abuse from Nicole for my failure to blend in with the local culture. 

The walking today was along a 20km stretch of of roman road, during which Kurt, Nicole and I spent most of the time discussing sporting traditions - the haka, and the build up to the annual Texas A&M vs University of Texas football game, which has bonfires the size of large houses, wild festivities and days of build up. Definitely something I want to go and see some day soon. 

[Connor and Kurt]

My feet finally feel semi-normal. They've had a dull pain for the past few weeks - a bit like they've been through a mincer. This is good news as usually I've spent about half an hour rolling around at night trying to make myself comfortable before giving up. Which was good as I decided against having the pilgrims' supper, and had an early night - in my slightly cold room, where I was grateful for bringing my warm sleeping bag. To be honest the albergue I'm at isn't great - the hot water seems to run out at will, and there's no wifi. Double boo.