Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 19: Boadilla - Carrión

Today was just a long drag in overcast weather, that occasionally build up the courage to actually have a proper downpour. I set out on my own in search of breakfast at the next town down the track, and found somewhere that had the full breakfast whammy of coffee, freshly squeezed OJ (rather than the frustrating experience of juice from a glass jar) and decent croissants, and was soon joined by Kim and Kurt, and their sons Jonas and Connor. We walked together for the rest of the day and the conversation made the kilometres fly past - we avoided the muddy riverside route, but the alternative path ran alongside a minor road and didn't exactly offer the most gripping of scenery - the shack where we stopped off for lunch felt like a very small step up from a tinny house. We bumped into Nicole (from Australia) again - she's great fun but seems to love throwing in additional workouts into the day when we've stopped for a few moments. Mad girl. 

[Nicole and Kurt]

[Jonas and Kim]

The convent we settled on in Carrión was pretty decent - the wifi reached my bunk bed, which felt like luxury! I had supper with the Americans fairly early as we all felt somewhat zonked by the day, and just as we returned to the convent we realised that they were about to kick off with a prayers and bongos session - cue a smooth about-turn and another round of coffee at the café.