Friday, 28 June 2013

Day 28: Ponferrada - Villafranca

Today was just a long drag in the sun. I'd love to try and say something interesting about the day, but really it was just lots of conversation and plodding along in some fairly hot weather, fuelled by another half kilo of cherries. 

After supper Rupert and I decided that we'd have an extra icecream course. I liked the look of the Nestlé 'Tres Chocolate' Magnum-clone, but Rupert's Spanish didn't quite deliver the expected result, and the waitress ended up bringing me three chocolate trumpet cones. Clearly she thought I had a big appetite, but she did look a little relieved when I said I could only handle one of them. 

Here are some photos...

Connor and Kurt, the Somerholter boys

Walking through the outskirts of Ponferrada

Connor with his 'I Need Food' face on just before supper