Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 22: Calzadilla de Los Fermanillos - Villarente

You'll see from the start and end points today that keeping track of the names of the places I've walked through is becoming rather difficult, mainly thanks to the ridiculous names the Spanish insist on giving to their settlements (lots of 'XXX de los XXX' and 'villa' based names. Or more probably my complete inability to get to grips with the Spanish language...

Anyway I did actually manage to wake up, which was a bit of a miracle given that hangover + walking twenty-odd kilometres isn't exactly a great prospect. I spent a long time getting my sheet sleeping bag back into its stuff sack. Breakfast helped kick things into life, but ultimately today was a long grind down the rest of the roman road we'd started on yesterday - an infinitely preferable option to the dirt track next to the main road that most other people seemed to have opted for. And the roman road really did take us into a rather remote part of the region, with rough scrubland around us, rather than the usual wheat fields. 

After about four hours of walking we came to the first settlement of the day. Reliegos is home to La Torre, the maddest bar I've experienced on the Camino so far. It is run by a guy called Sigín, who was clearly something of a herbalist. The place had messages from pilgrims written on the walls, and Sigín was a wonderful character who did excellent food. As he prepared it he explained that he was born in the kitchen behind the bar. Exactly what Connor and Jonas made of him I don't entirely know! 


[Connor outside La Torre]

The albergue at Villarente is lovely - it is a little off the main road, and I suspect many people bypass it in the hurry to get to León. My room was half empty, and mercifully the table wine wasn't great - a repeat of last night definitely wasn't on the cards. 

[Kurt's feet]